Managed Monitoring & Alerts

The value of 24/7 MONITORING is in having access to continually updated information that proactively ALERTS you to issues.  Pending device/application failures are caught sooner, not later.


The SECURITY & COMPLIANCE of any IT environement includes faster patch management, 24/7 monitoring, regular data-backups, proactive automation and consistent auditing.

Monitoring & Alerts

  • Around the clock - 24/7/365
  • Proactive Approach - not Reactive
  • Unlimited Alerts and Reporting
  • Automatic Warranty & EoL Tracking
  • Complete IT Asset Management

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Security & Protection

  • World-Class AntiVirus Protection
  • Identity-Theft & Privacy Protection
  • Rootkit, Worm, & Trojan Protection
  • Network (LAN/WAN) Security Services
  • Full Remote Security (RMM) tools

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  • Qualified Help-Desk Support
  • Predictable Monthly IT Costs
  • Disaster Recovery & IT Continuity 
  • IT Assessment & Planning Services
  • Plus MUCH more....

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Building Relationships

'Building Relationships' is the core of our business model and represents the 'BR' in our name.  To build a relationship, you need trust - which is a rare commodity in today's Internet.  Therefore, we offer upfront pricing and free trials of our services.  We do not require a contract on most of our services so you can cancel anytime.


Unifying MultiplIndividual CONcepts

This is the strategy part of our business model and represents the 'UMICON' in our name. Your business is unique in one way or another and is defined by your individual concept of that business. By pooling and combining IT resources, we can efficiently and cost-effectively unify multiple individual concepts into a single service.

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Having the Right PartnerS

Level Platforms / AVG Managed Workplace

AVG's aquisition of Level Platforms (now Managed Workplace™) brings in the next generation IT service platform. With the proven technology of Level Platforms, their advanced hybrid agentless architecture provides complete visibility and unified management of the entire IT infrastructure. Managed Workplace™ makes AVG the ideal partner for us.


AVG CloudCare Solutions

AVG CloudCare™ is the first cloud based security platform ‘Right Sized’ for Small Businesses. With it, you can have an instant overview of your entire IT security. Services such as AntiVirus, AntiSpam, Content Filtering, Email Encryption, and Remote Backup can be deployed instantly and makes AVG CloudCare™ a great partner for us.

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